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Our wellness and fitness center will be integrated within The Spa and will offer an array of complimentary consultation on alternative medical treatments on top of traditional programs.
Revivify3 medical spa resort offers Revivify3 medical spa resort body and skin rejuvenation plus full menu. 
This also will include:

At-Home Coaching Program and Lifestyle Monitoring developed during the guest’s visit

Sleep Therapy Program

Educational Programming




Nutritional Counseling

Relaxation Training for Stress Management 

Revivify3 Medical Spa Resort Plastic Surgery

Spa - Massage Therapy and Bodywork
Massage therapy is a safe and effective way to reduce stress, increase mobility,
reduce joint stiffness and pain, and promote overall relaxation and well-being. A
variety of massage therapy modalities and bodywork techniques are offered
including therapeutic massage, deep tissue massage, couples massage, hot stone
massage, sports massage, cranio sacral therapy, reiki, polarity, reflexology, and
aromatherapy massage. Massage therapy and Bodywork treatments are also offered
in guestrooms and in the outdoor cabanas.
Spa - Body Treatments
Body scrubs and body wraps are offered in wet treatment rooms with vichy and
dream showers. Body Treatments will include: Salt Scrub, Sugar Glow, Mud
Wrap, Detoxification Wrap and Algae Wrap, as well as specialized treatments with
products custom blended specifically for Revivify3.
Spa - Bath Treatments
Healing bathing treatments in soaking tubs including Milk Bath, Detoxification
Bath, Purifying Bath, etc. A bath turn down service is also available in the
guestrooms upon request.
Spa - Hand and Foot Treatments
Traditional manicures and pedicures, as well as more elaborate treatments for
hands and feet, will be offered.
Spa - Bathing Circuit
The Spa at Revivify3 will have an extensive bathing circuit including the following:
Aroma Grotto
The moist, warm climate in the Aroma Grotto gently and thoroughly cleanses the
skin and respiratory tract. The circulation is stimulated, muscle tension relaxed,
stress is reduced, limbs and joint pains relieved. Natural herbal steam can
additionally support the cleansing effect.
Steam Bath
The high humidity of the Steam Bath provides an extremely relaxing climate. The
respiratory tract is cleansed, circulation stimulated, muscle tension relaxed, and the
skin becomes pliant and supple. The ideal duration of stay in the steam bath is 10
to 15 minutes. The area is heated by the influx of steam.
Infrared Sauna
A dry heat solution to reduce stress, stimulate circulation and relax sore and
fatigued muscles.
Mud Cavern
A self administered treatment where one coats themselves with mud within the
cavern. In the first stage, the cavern is warm with relatively low humidity gently
drying the mud on the body. In the next phase, a burst of steam increases the
humidity in the room. The room is filled with aromatherapy and the mud becomes
moist on the body. In the last phase, a rain shower removes the mud.
Dream Shower
The Dream Shower is based on the principle of "variety instead of simplicity". A
control allows the user of this shower to demand anything from rain to mist of any
temperature and strength combined with a fantastic lighting effect. The following
shower variations can be selected: Mountain rain, Morning fog, Glacier water or
Water massage.
The swirling air bubbles gently and effectively massage the body. The result is a
deep physical and mental relaxation. In 10 to 15 minutes, muscle tension releases
and circulation increases. Whirlpools are particularly effective for those who suffer
from back or joint pains, from insomnia or from chronic tension.
The Studio
A fully equipped studio with cardiovascular and weight training equipment will be
available 24 hours a day and staffed with a certified personal trainer.
Group and Private Mind / Body Classes
Group classes, as well as personal instruction, will be available in yoga, tai chi,
pilates matt dancing for fitness, and core strength conditioning.
Oxygen Lounge
Oxygen enhanced relaxation lounge to improve well-being.
Do you Tai Chi Yoga? We Do Tai Chi Yoga.

 What Tai Chi Yoga Is: 
Tai Chi Yoga is a healing and meditative art form that I innovated in 1977 by blending tai chi and hatha yoga. Tai Chi Yoga is about doing; not achieving. No matter our age, size, or shape, we derive healing benefits by performing to our own level of flexibility and enjoyment; not by trying to push beyond what is comfortable for our body.