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This is little about myself and Revivify3. As I start this blog for the first time I promise you that I will have very entertaining tidbits of information that you can actually use in your new healthy lifestyle. This is all about the after surgery care, cosmetic non-invasive procedures, preventive medicine and alternative medicine, Yoga, Ti Chi, lifestyle living, spa treatments and how do they affect your wellness. New Ways to enjoy you body, mind and soul.   

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Guess What?
Thursday, February 05, 2015
NEW YORK, N.Y. (WPVI) -- As more men seek out Botox treatments, doctors say they're seeing a difference in what men & women want from the wrinkle-smoother.

In fact, a New York plastic surgeon has dubbed the male treatment "the Wall Street Wrinkle."

Men don't want a wrinkle-free look like women.

They want to keep lines which show character, but don't want those showing age or overexposure to the sun.

Another interesting trend - men aren't getting botox just in their faces. They see some other trouble spots.

"Botox injections in the palms of their hands. So when they give a handshake, they don't have that sweaty handshake. they ask for botox injections in their armpits, which prevents them sweating, and they don't sweat through their shirt," says Dr. Norman Rowe.

Almost 400-thousand men got botox in 2013 - up 310 per cent from 10 years earlier. 

And the figures for 2014 are expected to be even higher.
Educate yourself BEFORE 
10 Features of a Safe Operating Room.
​If you’re having plastic surgery, you’re probably putting 100% of your focus on choosing your surgeon. But where you have your surgery is as important as who does your surgery. An excellent surgeon is likely to operate in a safe operating room, which means one that has been accredited by a recognized national certifying agency.

How can you tell if it’s accredited? Ask to see photos of the OR and look for:

Venetian blinds on the windows
Carpeting on the floor
A sink in the room
A baseboard where the wall meets the floor.
These things are not allowed in an operating room. Why not? Imagine the difficulty cleaning Venetian blinds if fluid gets sprayed. If it’s difficult, how often do you think it gets done?

Or if blood or pus spills on the carpet, how is it disinfected between cases?

And that sink? Is the drain really something you want in the same room as your open wound?

How about those baseboards? Fluid spray and bacteria can reside along the seams of where the baseboard meets the walls.

Your surgery should be done in an accredited operating room for one reason: YOUR SAFETY.
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15 Science-Backed Ways To Make Any Workout Feel Easier


Some days, working out really does feel like work. Your legs are heavy, every breath feels more like a gasp and you have the uncanny suspicion that your next rep is going to be your last.

But here's the research-backed fact: Exercising doesn't have to feel so hard. Here are 15 tips to make every workout – from running and weight lifting to yoga and cycling – feel so much easier.

1. Craft the perfect playlist
2. Exercise with others
3. Keep your eyes straight ahead
4. Drink some java
5. Change the way you think about pain
6. Look in the mirror
7. Eat some beets
8. Cool down before you warm up
9. Down a sports drink
10. Get a light-emitting alarm clock
11. Time it right
12. Have a pre-workout snack
13. Take a warm bath
14. Check your iron levels
15. Get better sleep