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Tena has built and managed nightclubs and restaurants for many years, thereafter transitioning into the hospitality industry with managerial and consulting positions for the last 25 years. She has also created, owned, and developed on International Bed and Breakfast online directory for eight years until she sold this company.

She has extensive experience in building, opening, and closing hotels. She is well-known in the industry for the skilled and talented teams of professionals which she has built for the different hotels she has worked for.

She is also an accomplished chef with numerous awards, such as “Woman of the Year” by the NAPW in 2013.
Lynn has experience in the technology industry as a software engineer, database administrator, manager, and director at AT&T for twenty years. He has also owned and operated a successful home improvement installation business. Currently, Lynn oversees property management for a large, privately held medical facility.
Dr. Jeneby has been in practice since 2002, with state medical board licenses in Texas, Arkansas, California, Pennsylvania, and Florida. He currently operates from San Antonio, Texas. He was selected as a ‘Top Plastic Surgeon” 20017-2013 by the Consumer’s Guide magazine. He was also selected and featured in the cover as ‘One of the Top Plastic Surgeons’ 2007-2016 by the SA Magazine.
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