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We are an integrated medical wellness spa resort specializing in after surgery care for plastic surgery. 

Our medical spa resort concept will provide an outlet for the high demand of  medical tourism in the USA. We will combine traditional spa treatments, after surgery care, Recovery, non-surgical procedures, skin and body rejuvenation procedures, anti-aging, alternative and preventive medicine, medical/wellness, spa, education & hospitality.  Superior service and privacy.

Revivify3 is a complete lifestyle, beauty, and wellness destination that is unique and unparalleled in its exclusivity and luxury.
If you are looking for a place to recover after plastic surgery, life in general or a private, relaxing and indulgent place to be pampered or to keep fit, Revivify3 has wide and diverse offerings to answer your every need or desire.

Open your eyes to the world of health and aesthetics. Indulge and unwind at Revivify3.

For centuries, men and women alike have sought the beauty, relaxation, and health benefits in nature, giving birth to spas. From the baths of Europe to the saunas in Japan, the spa experience has always been seen as an essential in our search for wellness.
Meanwhile, the world today has given a higher premium to beauty and fitness. Diet fads, exercise and training programs, as well as non invasive cosmetic procedures have all become prevalent for both men and women all over the world.
Other countries offer services and facilities that combine wellness, beauty, and health in one place. However, this is yet to be seen in the United States.
For example, if you are to have a nose and face lift, or any other cosmetic procedure, in one city, your only option is to stay in a hotel or even motel and recuperate there. This is of course inadequate because there are no hospital beds or other medical features to help you heal. The stay in the hospitals as you recuperate is uncomfortable and you would also have to hire nurses to monitor you.

Wouldn’t you want to be someplace more private and adequate? A place where you can completely relax and have peace of mind that you are well-taken care of by adequate facilities and professionally trained medical staff—Luxury Recover 
Revivify3 is the first-ever integrated medical boutique resort and spa.

With our complete amenities, team of renowned experts, and professionally trained staff, we combine traditional spa treatments with non-surgical procedures, alternative and preventative medicine—all in one private luxury environment.
Our Zen-inspired architecture will extend throughout the expanse of our property, which includes walking and running paths, eco-friendly landscaping for water and energy conservation, fountains fed from natural water sources, and outdoor treatment and relaxation services. With this, our guests will not only feel closer to nature; they will feel in harmony with it too.

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